Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where has the time gone?

A lot has happened in the past years in the Pope family.  Almost 4 years ago Terence was born on January 20th.  One day after Loren's and he was almost born the same day. We moved almost 2 years about a half mile away in to a lager home.  We love it but have had more problems in this house than the last 12 years in the other one.  Months after we moved in the hose that drains the washer came out and flooded the hall way.  Then is drained through the sealing and set off the smoke alarm.  Having the smoke alarm go off was heaven sent.  we were able to ketch it early and reduce the about of damage caused to our new house.

December of 2014

The kids found water leaking from the ceiling in to Terences' room. We traced it back to the fridge. It had leaked through the kitchen floor in to the bathroom ceiling down stairs and in to Terences' room. Pulling up the floor under the fridge we found mold.  Who knows how long it had been leaking. The water never came out from under the fridge.  We spent the next 3-4 weeks with our kitchen under quarantine. We were unable to use our for the holidays.  We called a friend and asked if we could cook them dinner on Christmas. When all was said and done we had enough money from insurance to re-floor the whole up stairs, replace the 3 cabinets that were damaged and reface all of the bottom cabinets.  Laurie still wont let me hook up the water to the fridge.

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